Modernization of Electric Meters: A Crucial Transition

At Evolutia, as leading consultants in energy efficiency, we commit to technological innovation. Today, we focus on an essential update for our clients: the modernization of fiscal electricity meters.

The Challenge: Dismantling of 2G and 3G Networks

The move towards more advanced networks like 4G and 5G brings with it the gradual phasing out of 2G and 3G networks. These networks have been the backbone of meters for many tariffs, and their scheduled shutdown in Spain by the end of 2025 implies an imminent need for an update.

Evolutia’s Experience

Anticipation is key. We have observed that an early update avoids incidents and reduces costs. Our experience in infrastructure modernization has taught us the challenges of late changes and the importance of a planned transition.

Our Recommendations

Option 1 (Recommended): Collaboration with Axon Time, S.L. This option includes a complete solution at an economical cost.

Option 2 (Alternative): Use of EVOLUTIA’s TGE device, an option that allows maintaining the current distribution meter.

Conclusion: Act Now

Technological modernization is imminent. The question is: Why wait to adopt these advanced technologies? Proactivity not only ensures operational continuity but also opens doors to new efficiencies.

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