• "What is the best way to save energy?
    Not to waste it."
    Francisco González
    Founding Partner of Evolutia
  • "The way we use our resources
    defines our level of evolution as a species."
    Sergio Grau
    Founding Partner and C.E.O.
  • Energy does not belong to us.
    We can dispose of it as a natural resource
    for our evolution
  • The rational and efficient use of energy is no longer an option, it is a social and corporate obligation with no turning back.
  • Let’s create more rational, efficient and respectful energy use models
  • International Vocation:
    Evolutia International is present in Spain, Europe, USA and Latin America


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Energy efficiency consulting since 2008

  • Mª del Mar Cintas Manager of Energy Projects for BP Oil España SAU in Refinery of Castellón.

    Evolutia offers a consulting service on energy subjects that is professional, very specialized and personalized, with an unbeatable technical level. Counseling is exceptionally accurate, practical and proactive.

  • Javier Barthe Engineer in Grespania, S.A

    One of Grespania’s objectives is to gain efficiency and productivity in all its manufacturing processes. With the help of Evolutia, information has been collected, studied and analyzed, turning it into an added value and always trying to take a step towards the great challenge of improving energy efficiency in manufacturing environments.

  • Joaquín Bonany Production and Operations Manager at Beaulieu Flooring Solutions - Doménech Hermanos - Turfgrass

    The professionalism and specialization of the Evolutia team to obtain the best results in hiring, optimization and energy efficiency is extraordinary, it has allowed us to obtain a high margin in savings in our plan of continuous energetic improvement and to continue to build our corporate social commitment with the environment.

  • Ander Errasti Chief Technical Director in Natra, S.A.

    The Evolutia team always shows a broad knowledge of the energy sector particularities, by giving our consulting needs in energy contracting and energy efficiency in industrial plant a high quality coverage through performing energy audits. For us, Evolutia represents a high value specialized tool in several areas of our business, where a rational and efficient use of energy is no longer an option, it is a social and corporate obligation with no turning back.

  • León Grau Manager of Hilaturas Miel S.L. and President of the Association of Textile Entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community (Ateval)

    The service provided by the Evolutia team is professional, adapted to our needs and committed to the objective of our strategic energy and environmental plan. The results have been very satisfactory, even exceeding our expectations.

  • Ignacio Cuadrado Gómez Department of Engineering of NISA HOSPITALS.

    The energy market is a sea of questions. Evolutia and its professionals solve them all. It is not just about effectiveness or results. It is about being able to find trust and certainty in an environment where there are none.

  • Rafael Pascual Manager of the Antecuir Group, President of AITEX, Vice-President of ATEVAL and Councilor of Textile Alcoyana.

    Throughout more than 6 years of collaboration, Evolutia’s professionals have achieved great savings for our companies. This has been made possible thanks to an optimum management of our cogeneration plant, in conjunction with our thermal consumption plants. In addition, with the purchase of energy and monitoring and consulting on consumption, Evolutia has made more than to just earn their fees.


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