Success stories

Sector ceramic

481 948€


Savings for hiring improvements

679 249€


Savings for efficiency improvements

1 161 197€

Amount saved in total

4 805

tons of CO2 avoided


  • Manufacturer of ceramic material.

  • With multiple manufacturing plants.

  • Manufacturers with several product lines (raw material for the ceramic sector and product).


  • Hiring and follow-up.

  • Efficiency management.

Starting point

The company is in contact with EVOLUTIA in order to reduce its energy cost. This company wants to make sure that the gas and electricity supply contracting offers they have on the table to choose from are the best on the market. They need to be advised on that subject, both in terms of price and about the formulas applied by marketers (contractual situation).

They also don’t know the regulations of the electric and gas sectors (invoicing of supplies).

In a preliminary study, a high potential for improvement has been detected and would be carried out through an Energy Efficiency Audit and its implementation is agreed upon based on the results obtained from the hiring improvements.

This also solves the requirement imposed by Royal Decree 56/2016 (which implies mandatory Energy Efficiency Audit for large companies).

Processes and results


The negotiation of the contractual energy improvements as well as the selection of the most competitive marketers with guarantees, both for gas and electricity, resulted in total savings of 481 000 € per year.

These improvements are:

  • Optimization of contracted fixed terms.

  • Negotiating the price of energy (gas and electricity).

  • Detection of irregularities in billing.

  • Tax treatment and management (excise).

Return on investment: almost immediate.

% of savings: 9,87% per year


  • 27 energy savings measures (ESM) implemented based on the energy efficiency audit in the different plants.

  • 20% of the measures were achievable without investment (adjustments, regulations, etc.).

  • 50% of the measures were achievable through reduced investment.

  • 30% of the measures were achievable in the medium term.

  • Emissions avoided: 4 805 tons of CO2.

  • Plan for monitoring and certifying the applied measures corroborates 98% of planned savings.

% of savings: 8,50% per year

Return on investment: less than 1 year.

Success stories

Sector hotelier

869 170€


Savings for hiring improvements

869 170€

Amount saved in total


  • Specific case of a hotel chain.

  • Chain of 10 hotels with gas and electricity.

  • Total of 20 energy contracts.


  • Hiring and follow-up.

Starting point

This company comes to Evolutia following the recommendation of a client and the prescription of an association Evolutia is a part of, because they don’t have the resources or knowledge to manage the energy contracting at Group level.

They also have an added difficulty: they belong to a European Group and they are unaware of Spanish regulations, the Spanish energy market and its constant changes.

The professionals in some of the hotels are of foreign origin and non-Hispanic speaking.

They follow some extraordinary and punctual procedures, taking advantage of middle managers, financial directors, hotel managers, purchasing managers, etc., in a unified and dispersed manner.

Processes and results


  • Negotiating the price of energy (gas and electricity).

  • Optimization of fixed terms contracted according to regulations.

  • Continuous supervision and monitoring of the market as well as the price of energy during 365 days to improve the initial bases already set up with Evolutia in the previous contracting (gas and electricity).

  • Specific training on gas and electricity markets, regulations to be applied and energy efficiency as an improvement to be developed through a personalized guide on "good practices" for each hotel.

  • Two annual days are held for each hotel’s group of engineers (continuous training).


In addition to the Hiring, the client wishes to take a step beyond the simple fact of requesting offers to marketers:

They want to work on the contracting of gas and electricity with more advanced formulas guaranteeing them lower prices throughout the year and not punctually when the dates of renewal of their contracts arrive.

In short, they want to hire 365adhoc (365 days/year).

They look for customization in this service as the normative framework undergoes continuous changes requiring them to stay constantly updated.

The services performed in the Contracting section enabled an initial saving.

Adding this initial saving to the final saving obtained by working with other more flexible and dynamic hiring formulas for a year, a total savings of 869 170 €/year has been achieved.

Return on investment: almost immediate.

% of savings: 14,8% per year

Success stories

Sector food

649 560€


Savings for hiring improvements

807 435€


Savings for efficiency improvements

1 456 995€

Amount saved in total

4 203

tons of CO2 avoided


  • Multinational manufacturer of food products.

  • With several manufacturing plants in Europe.

  • Manufacturing of raw material for third parties and finished final product.


  • Efficiency Management

Starting point

The company is constituted as a large company and is located in Spain which is why they have to carry out audits in their industrial plants, according to the requirement imposed by RD 56/2016 (Obligatory of Energy Efficiency Audit for Large Enterprises).

Their interest is not only auditing to comply with the RD (requirement) but to also comply with its policy of energy and environmental improvement.

In addition, they want to save up and improve their energy ratios.

The audits are carried out at their Spanish industrial plants with such good results that they decide to contract and export the service performed by EVOLUTIA at the European level (European industrial plants).

Once the European project is completed, it will be replicated in their American plants.

Processes and results


Audit in Energy Efficiency. The Energy Strategic Plan at European level is obtained from the Audit and the objective energy indicators are fixed.

54 implemented savings measures (ECM) based on the energy efficiency audit in the different plants.

  • 27% of the measures were achievable without investment (adjustments, regulations, etc.)

  • 45% of the measures were achievable with reduced investment.

  • 25% of the measures were achievable with medium investment and quick returns of less than 1 year.

  • 3% of the measures were rejected because they had no return from the energy point of view.

Clients by sector


  • Azulindus
  • Ribesalbes
  • Colorker
  • El molino
  • EuroAtomizado
  • Grespania
  • Halcón cerámicas
  • Keraben
  • Oneker
  • Peronda
  • Rocersa cerámica
  • Thesize


  • jMoltoLt
  • Aitex
  • Antecuir
  • Beaulieu International Group
  • Doménech hnos, S.A.
  • Himiesa
  • Tejidos Royo


  • Dulcesol
  • I.C. Villar
  • Korott
  • Natra


  • Hotel Ritz Madrid
  • Le meridien
  • The Westin palace Madrid
  • W Barcelona


  • Vithas
  • Hospital Intermutual de Levante
  • Hospital la Milagrosa
  • Hospital universitario Santa Cristina
  • Hospitales Nisa
  • Unión de Mutuas


  • Alzamora
  • Astun
  • Baqueira y Beret
  • CCIB
  • Eurofitness
  • Islazul
  • Primark
  • Uesports Sabadell
  • Universitat Jaume I
  • Universitat d'Alacant

facilities (integrated services)

  • Grupo Lar
  • Hill International
  • ISS
  • Veolia

banking and insurance

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Unión alcoyana seguros

plastic, cardboard, paper and wood

  • Cartonajes Izquierdo, S.A.
  • Grupo Losán
  • ITC packaging

refinery, mining, port authority

  • BP
  • Geoalcali
  • Masol
  • Port de Tarragona
  • UBE


  • Dolz
  • Huf

laboratory, pharmaceutical and chemical

  • Centrum
  • Cosmoral laboratorios
  • Kern pharma


  • Cohoca
  • Cooperativa San Bernat, Carlet
  • Unipro