Evolutia, The Origin

We came into the world 10 years ago with a global message:

The way in which we use our resources defines our level of evolution as a species.

That message marked our mission as a pioneer in Energy Efficiency:
To create and develop a new business vision based on promoting products and services that aim at a rational and efficient management of energy.

Basing ourselves on the results of a decade of experience and taking into account our sensitivity to the impact of the use of energy resources in a global world, we reaffirm ourselves with more force than ever in our initial vision:
The rational and efficient use of energy is no longer an option, it is a social and corporate obligation with no turning back.

The way in which we use our resources defines our level of evolution as a species

Associative and professional environment

Evolutia is present and is part of associations and other relevant bodies in the energy efficiency environment.


  • ITE (Instituto tecnológico de la Energía)

  • ACOGEN (Asociación Española de Cogeneración)

  • AEC (Asociación Española de la Calidad)


  • AITEX (Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Textil)

  • ATEVAL (Asociación de Empresarios del textil de la Comunidad Valenciana)

  • AECC (Asociación Española de Centros y Parques Comerciales)


  • Cámara de comercio española en Miami

Expertise and Know How



Evolutia has its own department of technological innovation, where it investigates and develops its own technology with direct application to customer service.

A powerful example of this area is the creation of ECRAS, a technological development platform for Energy Visualization and Monitoring, which is already available on the market in its most advanced version.

In addition, Evolutia collaborates in researches and R&D projects for the implementation of control systems and the optimization of energy processes.


For companies through government bodies such as The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial, IVACE).

For Sectoral Technology Institutes such as AITEX in the textile sector.

Savings guides

The Savings Guides are a powerful tool for any company since they can compare their energy indicators with the competitiveness standards established by Evolutia after a work lasting almost 3 years and auditing meticulously the energy consumption of each sector. Some examples are:

  • The Savings Guide for the Textile Sector published by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness.

  • The Guide of Energy Saving in the Ceramic Tiles sector of the Valencian Community.



Evolutia has certifications recognizing the skills and abilities of professionals in the Energy Sector with:

  • Technical or Higher University Degree (Engineer or Architect).

  • Accreditation of an experience of having performed at least 20 energy audits in the sector.

  • Successful completion (more than 70% over 100%) of the accreditation test or knowledge test issued by the AEC, Asociación Española para la Calidad (Spanish Association for Quality).

Certificates we have:

  • Chief Energy Auditor in Industry.

  • Chief energy auditor in building.


The Energy Efficiency Certificate is a document that describes the energy efficiency of a home, office, or building.
Evolutia has accredited and qualified technicians to issue the energy efficiency certificates through tools approved by the Ministry, such as CALENER VyP, CALENER GT, LlDER, CE2, CE3, CE3X, CERMA and HULC.



With the CMPV (CertifiedMeasurement & Verification Professional) certification issued by A3e (Association of Energy Engineers) that have its professionals, Evolutia can issue Energy Efficiency Measurement and Verification Plans based on EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) Protocol, as well as verifications of plans made by third parties.

Evolutia has EVO reports issued in all sectors (Textile, ceramics, food, edification, services, etc).


  • 75% of the accredited certificates find their origin in the proposals implemented after an audit by Evolutia.

  • 25% arise from clients who have carried out their audit work with other companies and ask us for the savings certificate to justify the payment of the service.