Making a Difference in Energy Efficiency: Our Adventure Continues at UJI

It's an exciting milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable future! For the sixth consecutive year, Evolutia has had the honor of participating in the Master's program in Energy Efficiency at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón. This year, we've raised the bar, bringing a revolutionary approach to energy efficiency audits to the students.

Our presentation "EVOLUTIA, Energy Efficiency Audits. Methodology and Development," not only highlighted the critical importance of energy audits in the current landscape but also broke down our unique methodology. Delving into phases like initial evaluation, comprehensive audit, implementation training, certification and consolidation, and support in ISO 50001 certification, we shared our commitment to optimizing energy management, especially for large consumers of gas and electricity.

At Evolutia, we strongly believe in innovation and education as drivers of change. Through this training, we were able to share 15 years of experience and practical knowledge, highlighting how efficient energy management can be a pillar in the fight against the current energy crisis and how sustainability is not just a concept but a daily practice.

This year, with the urgent need for exceptional energy management, we placed special emphasis on energy efficiency, decarbonization, renewable energies, and standards control through monitoring, all with a sustainable approach.

We are proud of our ongoing collaboration with UJI and excited about the impact this training will have on the next generation of energy efficiency professionals. Together, we are making a real difference!

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