Evolutia manages 34% of the total power installed in the cogeneration plants of the Valencian Community

EVOLUTIA stands out, among other areas of expertise, for its knowledge and experience in optimizing the performance of cogeneration plants.

Today it stands as one of the consultants with the greatest activity in matters related to cogeneration, managing 34% of the total installed capacity in the plants of the Valencian Community.

In the Cogeneration Area, Evolutia manages a 174,05 MW capacity installed in plants throughout Spain and 143,15 MW in the Valencian Community where its headquarters is located, and therefore where its natural market stands, experiencing an intense activity of cogeneration thanks to the presence of industrial sectors such as textiles or ceramics with its atomizer subsector.

As an indication, this management represents approximately 3% at national level and 34% at the autonomous level of the Valencian community.

According to Juan Carlos Leiva, Technical Director of Evolutia: "We carry out feasibility studies of the companies we manage to analyze the potential of existing cogeneration. They are based on the collection of data measured in the plant. The analysis focuses on the potential for thermal utilization and compliance with the EEP (Equivalent Electrical Performance) ".

Evolutia also offers cogeneration services.

The objective is to study the plants in operation, to calculate the costs and to define the regime of activity that can bring greater profitability.

From this area of work, actions are carried out to provide value in terms of maintenance management, spare parts, plant insurance, organization of plant operating personnel, changes in regulations affecting plants and formal administrative procedures, among other.